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Letter of Reference for Ming Ren

Dr. Brigitte Simons
BC Craft Laboratory Services Ltd.
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Re: Letter of Reference for Ming Ren, Re/Max Realtron Realty Inc.

Dear Ming,

I am delighted to provide this letter of reference and client testimonial in support of business managing the sale of my semi-detached home in Richmond Hill, Ontario. From the preparation of the home for showings, creating the listing, brokering the interest, and managing the purchase agreements was a full end-to-end solution that exceeded my expectations and truly delivered exceptional value for my home. I appreciate the care and attention from my real estate agent, and Ming Ren brought insight, experience, and execution that would have fallen short by choosing an alternative agent.

Ming presented a comprehensive market analysis of my property. His analysis and forecast were accurate and helped to guide how to position the house on the market. The home’s listing, professional photos and description was shown on many marketing channels. The strategy was clear to receive a surge of offers over asking price. By following Ming’s balanced recommendations, the home attracted many offers from buyers that were sourced by the network that Ming Ren accesses and brings to his clients. I was so HAPPY to receive an executed Purchase Agreement, with fast firm conditions, $137,800 over asking price! I am certain this extraordinary outcome would not have been the result working with any other realtor and without the strong reputation of Re/Max.

When selecting a real estate agent to manage the sale of your primary home, Ming will exceed your expectation, work reliably in partnership everyday, and bring the highest valuation to your asset.


Dr. Brigitte Simons

brigitte@craft-labs.com | 365-885-1808

Posted by Brigitte Simons