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Happy Sold by Ming

Good Evening Everyone: My name is Robert Painter and I am a " Happy SOLD" client of Ming's

I would like to begin by thanking Ming for his splendid hospitality this evening - to say ‘thank you for such a delightful dinner. It is an unusual and excellent idea for us to gather together and compare notes on our recent experience with Ming and the sale of our property, And it is a rare one too! I have been through several house sales in my lifetime but never before have I been entertained to dinner by my Realtor.

Would you please give a round of applause to show your appreciation to Ming Ren,

I feel very fortunate to have been asked to say a few words this evening because I have wanted for some time to find a way to express my thanks to Meng for his remarkable work in guiding us so painlessly through the sale of our house. 

Ming Ren sold our house in less than two weeks after our first encounter and within 3 days after the property was put on the market. We were extremely fortunate to meet Ming and commission him to sell for us because, as we quickly discovered, he is exceptional in his abilities as an agent - his record speaks for itself - and it is the pleasant and efficient way that he supervises and directs the activities leading up to the sale.

We quickly found the best way to work with him was to trust completely in his advice and to respond quickly to his requests and to let him proceed in his own way to negotiate the deal. It was an exciting ride with a remarkable and pleasing outcome.

Ming has the ability to understand your needs and your emotions as you commit to the sale of your house. Often it is a very stressful time because so much of your life has been invested in that space,  so many happy memories and associations. 

And then he has the ability to gently direct your activities to facilitate the sale of your property, And finally to coax the negotiations so as to ensure that you have the best price the market will bear on the sale.

My wife and I were extremely impressed by the skillful way in which he guided us through the sale. We quickly learned to trust him - and to obey him! - for he clearly knew what he was doing. He was the top salesman after all — and we hadn’t sold a house in the last 20 years!

And that trust was wonderfully repaid. 

Our house sold within 36 hours of our formally listing it — 2 weeks after our first encounter - and involved very little work in preparation.

For each of us this year has been a stressful one making the decision to sell our property and to move to begin a new phase of our life

I’m sure we all accepted the invitation to this wonderful dinner because we wanted to express our appreciation to Ming for making what can be a very dramatic event in one’s life - so smooth and easy and stress-free.

Perhaps the most effective way that we can express our appreciation for his kind invitation to dinner and especially for his services in handling the sale of our properties would be to raise our glasses and drink a toast to Ming Ren: to thank him - and to offer him our congratulations on his achievements and extend to him our good wishes that he may continue to help others in the same way in the coming years.

Please raise your glasses and toast Ming Ren or  Please join me in a round of applause for Ming Ren

41 gatecombe circ Richmond hill owner: Robert Painter

Posted by Robert Painter